St. Philip's High School & College

Mother Teresa Charity School

The name whose identity is mother of humanity, she is ‘Saint Mother Teresa’. Another word
associated with her is ‘charity’ which means kindness, mercy, compassion or love. Our school is
named Mother Teresa Charity School based on these ideals and values.

The visionary of the school is the then headmaster of St. Philip’s High School, the present
Provincial of the Holy Cross Brotherhood, present head of the provincial, Brother Subal
Lawrence Rozario, CSC. In 2003, he was appointed as the Headmaster of St. Phillips High
School. After joining, he noticed that there are many low-income poor people in the area who
cannot afford to send their children to a quality school. They are deprived of the light of
education. Their lives remain in darkness. And people who are deprived of the light of education
are a burden to the family and society. They cannot bring any welfare for the country. Brother
Subal, a humane and sensible headmaster, realized the need to establish this school thinking
about the children of this class of the society. As a result of his great thought this school started
from January in 2009. Initially it was named ‘St Philip’s Baikalin Branch’. This school started with
49 students and one teacher. The first teacher was Monika Hembrom. Children class is opened
first. Then one class grew and one teacher joined at rhe same time. From 2009, Brother Ranjan
Purification, CSC and Sister Smriti Baskey, CIC performed all the duties of this school with
sincerity and devotion. Brother Ranjan’s words have to be recalled again and again. He was
very fond of this school which is established for poor children. He was very happy with the
students. He used to feed cake to the students on the class party day at the end of the year.
Besides, he sometimes gave some educational materials as well.

Later Brother Shankar Albert Costa, CSC took charge of this school. He has taught many things
to the students of this school. He was known to us as a nature lover. He loved trees and flowers
very much. We were amazed by his skill in gardening different types of plants and flowers.

Sister Smriti Baskey, in charge of the primary section, was in overall charge of the Baikalin
Section. She always visits the school, inquires and offers various suggestions. This school
usually started after the high school break and continued till evening. Later the time was slightly
changed. Now the school runs from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Later, Brother Placide Peter Riberu,
CSC took charge of this school. He was a very intelligent, hardworking and brave man. Lecturer
Mr, Jewel Soren from the College section had helped him. As a result of the tireless efforts of
Brother Placide and Jewel sir, the school got official registration in 2015. The school was
renamed ‘Mother Teresa Charity School’ after the mother of humanity, Saint Mother Teresa.

In 2013, 13 students from our school appeared as the first batch for the Primary Education
Certificate (PEC) examination and all passed with merit. Since then, our students have been
passing the final exam every year with 100% passing rate. At present, a total of 249 students
are studying in our school from play to fifth grade and 7 teachers are working here. Here
students pay a very small amount of session charges and three examination fees. Note that this
school does not take monthly tuition pay from the students.

The school is being run under the direct supervision of the Reverend Principal, Brother Kajal
Linus Costa, CSC. Also Assistant Headmaster Sister Sandhya Purification, CIC and other
Brothers are providing necessary guidance and support.

Step by step, the school has entered it’s 14th years today. So far 9 batches have passed the
Primary Education Certificate (PEC) examination. They are now studying in different schools
and colleges. Often they come to their favorite school. They remember the school with gratitude.
They also participate in various service activities of the school. ‘Mother Teresa Charity School’ is
a selfless service institution. There are many promising flower buds, which are slowly blooming.
Requesting everyone’s kindness, prayers and blessings for this school.

Sheuli Jospin Murmu


 Mother Teresa Charity School