St. Philip's High School & College

The History of St. Philip’s High School & College

Probably the P.I.M.E. Missionaries came to the Indian subcontinent in about 1883 in order to preach Christianity. At that time the British colonial rule was settled in this teritory. At that very time for the same purpose, they came to Sayedpur and Dinajpur regions of the south area of present Bangladesh. Patronized by the Crist follower Englishmen Fr. F. Poggi, P.I.M.E. and Fr. O. Pedorotti, P.I.M.E. built an eye-catching Church in Sayedpur. That church was inaugurated in about one year later in 1893.

Afterwards Rev. Bishop F. Poggi, P.I.M.E. (before appointment as a bishop) and Fr. Rocca, P.I.M.E. frequently visited Sayedpur from Pakuria in Kustia District. Henceforward in 1906, the P.I.M.E Missionaries were permanently approved to settle in Sayedpur. From then The Missionaries were given charge to look after the church and the Christian people of this area.

The aims of establishment of this school and Missionary healthcare concernment: After being formed Dinajpur, a new diocese, in 1927, the P.I.M.E. Missionaries played an unprecedented role incases to establish school and hospital in this area. They felt a great need to set up such institution to serve the unprivileged people of this area. As a first step they took initiative to build a school, named ME (Minor English) School in Dinajpur from where they could easily cultivate the seeds of preaching the Gospel. Alongside of educational ministry, the P.I.M.E. Missionaries took initiative to build hospitals to serve the unprivileged aborigines. St. Vincent Hospital of Dinajpur is a glaring example of this regard. At present there are many more such institutions from where Christian Missionaries are serving selflessly among the people of countrywide.The foundation stone of present St. Philip’s High School and College was first led in 1930 for the purpose of educating the indigenous people of this area. Presently this institution is opened for all classes of people. All can access here to receive integral formation and quality education to serve the entire people of Bangladesh. And for this very reason, the prime priority of this institution is to groom and ground an authentic human being with all good human qualities.

First School Building: 1930-1972

The names of headmasters and principals are mentioned below chronologically:

·       Late Niranjan Krishna Bhottachargee (1954-1957)

·       Late Fr. Francis Gheggi, PIME (1960-1963)

·       Late Fr. Luigi Verpelli, PIME (1964-1976)

·       Fr. Adolfo Limperio, PIME (1977)

·       Late Fr. Angelo Canton, PIME (1978-1979)

·       Fr. Giantonio Baio, PIME (1980-1981)

·       Late Fr. Enrico Vigano, PIME (1982)

·       Late Mr. Aluicius Marandy (1983-1993)

·       Mr. Edward Rozario (1993-2002)

·       Bro. Subal Lawrence Rozario, CSC, headmaster and principal (2003-2018)

·       Bro. Nirmol Francis Gomes, CSC, acting principal (2010-2017)

·       Bro. Kajol L. Costa, CSC (2019-Present )

·  Excellent Academic Record: Reviewing the results of Public Examinations of this institution, we can find a satisfactory achievement as always. According to the record, in 1993, Lowrence Besra stood in the 3rd place from Arts Group in the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Rajshahi. And in 1996, Md. Mostafizur Rahman took the 6th position from Science Group from same board.

·      Infrastructural
development of the institution:
 High rise academic
buildings of the school were extensively built during the X-Principal, Bro.
Nirmol F. Gomes, CSC. Further work is carried on by the present Principal, Bro.
Kajol l. Costa, CSC.


·      The
outstanding achievements of St. Philip’s High School and College from the year
of 2000 to 2019
: During the period of the Ex-Headmaster, Edward Rozario up to
date the Ex-Principals, Bro. Subal L. Rozario, CSC and Bro. Nirmol F. Gomes,
CSC (the then Acting Principal), and the present Principal, Bro. Kajol L.
Costa, CSC, St. Philip’s has earned the following achievements:

 1. Construction of the Academic Buildings: During this time academic buildings 1, 2 and 3 have been built. Undoubtedly they have enhanced the beauty of the school. All kinds of modern facilities have been ensured for the students to receive true education here.

  2. Received the Best Award of SEQAEP: St. Philip’s High School and College was awarded the best school among the secondary schools of DinajpurSadarUpazila in 2014 by SEQAEP (one of the most prominent projects of the Ministry of National Education in Bangladesh).

  3. Sher-E-Bangla Golden Award- 2019: St. Philip’s High School and College was awarded “Sher-E-Bangla Golden Award- 2019” by ‘AlokitoBanglarMukh Foundation’ on 5 July 2019 for playing an important role to spread education in Bangladesh.

 4. Mother Teresa Golden Award- 2019: St. Philip’s High School and College was also awarded “Mother Teresa Golden Award- 2019” by ‘AncholikBhasha O BangaleeSanskritiParishad’ on 2 August 2019 for a special contribution to preserve local dialects, cultures and their practices in the school. We, the members of St. Philip’s Family, feel proud of these achievements and at the same time, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty God for endowing us with such gift.

5. Achieving National Runner up Trophy in Basketball: The basketball team of St. Philip’s High School and College played Divisional and National level winter season sport in 2019. Our young team played with great consistency and achieved championship in basketball tournament in Divisional level. However, it is to be admitted that for gaining such outstanding reputation of the school, all credit goes to beloved Bro. Sumon J. Costa, CSC for his utmost dedication to develop the quality of our basketball team. Following his footprint, our young basketball team leaves no stone unturned to reach the highest goal. Overall, for achieving this historical achievement, the credit goes to Monower Islam (Lecturer, English Department) and our young and energetic teacher, Mr. RanjitKispotta of High School section. Our young basketball team delegates the Chapa Region (Anchol) in the national level basketball tournament. Through extreme hardship, our young basketball team fought as a cyclopean team with the team that delegates Padma Region (Anchol), St. Joseph’s School and College, Dhaka, but failed to achieve the championship. Nevertheless, in this journey of basketball tournament, St. Philip’s young basketball team became the second winner in Bangladesh. We feel proud of achieving the runner up trophy in basketball in the national level this year, 2019. 


6. Construction of New Gate: Through the initiative taken by the present Principal, Bro. Kajol L. Costa, CSC, the construction of the new gate of the school and college commenced on 23 August, 2019. Before starting the construction work, the principal formed a construction committee consisting of 4 (four) members along with himself. The foundation of the gate was laid on 22 September 2019 and it was inaugurated on 15 December 2019 by the Chairman of this institution. Teacher-staff and some invited honorable guests were present in this auspicious inaugural ceremony. This gate has, absolutely, enhanced the beauty of this institution.

·  Construction of New Administrative Building: During the present Principal Bro. Kajol L. Costa, CSC, The construction work of the New Administrative Buildinghave been commenced on January 2021 under the supervision of the present principal, Bro. Kajol L. Costa, CSC. Rev. Bishop Dr. Sebastian Tudu inaugurated the construction work on 5th January 2021.

Here is worth mentionable that at present St. Philip’s High School and College is run by the Holy Cross Brothers of Bangladesh. We expect more and more development at every step of this institution.


Mr. Josua Tudu

Senior Teacher

St. Philip’s High School & College